Voluma Pacific Palisades


Voluma Pacific Palisades

Voluma Dermal Fillers  are one of the most revolutionary skincare treatments of the Juvederm family. Voluma is the Best non-surgical  procedure to add loss volume and make patients look younger. As people age the skin begins to sag, wrinkles and crow’s feet appear as well as volume lose in the cheek area. You can stop this sign of aging (sagging cheeks) by having yourself injected with Voluma. If you have other problem areas, other fillers in the Juvederm line can be used.

Best Facial Fillers

As it is now, Voluma has only been tested and FDA-approved for use in the cheek area. But this filler is milder compared to the others in its family, and any known side effects such as swelling and firmness go away in two to four weeks. The level of pain you might experience after treatment can be described as uncomfortable at worst.

The Procedure

However, Voluma is best used on people over 35 years old and under 65 years old. If you are under 35, ask for a free consultation with Skin Med Spa to see if getting this cheek filler is a good option for you. How much filler should be injected? It depends on your level of sagging. Typically more volume would be needed for older patients than younger ones. In clinical studies, patients were injected with an average of 6.8 for maximum effect. If you want to know how much you will need, contact us at Skin Med Spa today.

Pacific Palisades Offers An Unforgettable Vacation

Not only are there plenty of great adventures awaiting for you in this coastal neighborhood, but you have so many opportunities in nearby Malibu and Santa Monica. Of course, you can’t forget that Pacific Palisades is also part of the city of Los Angeles. You will find plenty of wonderful attractions in Pacific Palisades. Our address at 865 Via De La PazPacific Palisades, CA 90272 is open by appointment only please call.

  1. Reviera Country Club
  2. Los Liones Trailhead – Coyotes
  3. Getty Villa
  4. Palisades Shopping District
  5. Temescal Canyon
  6. Bel-Air Bay Club
  7. Will Rogers State Beach
  8. Northern Trust Open
  9. Pacific Palisades Beach
  10. Sunset Bellagio

The Museum of Making Music is a really fun place to visit according to reviewers as well. This is an interactive museum, so get ready to play some music. If you’re looking for the best lodging in the Pacific Palisades community, you’re going to want to check out Grand Pacific Palisades Resort & Hotel. The San Diego Botanic Garden is also nearby, and the list goes on and on. You’ll find plenty to do in the area while you’re enjoying everything Pacific Palisades has to offer.