Voluma Culver City

Voluma is an FDA approved dermal filler, which is a very specific type of skin treatment that aims to help users look younger and more youthful. These skincare treatments are generally injection based and work best with the cheeks in the mid-face area. Results are going to vary from person to person, but the active ingredients tend to have a strong positive effect that can last anywhere from several months to even a year or longer.

The Full List Of Benefits

The injections have a large amount of hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in the skin and thus it’s like “Vitamins for the skin.” Early clinical reports from patients showed definite progress after a few months with some reporting looking and feeling up to 5 years younger even half a year after injectable treatment. Some people need two treatments a year while others will find a single treatment lasts up to a year with partial benefits lasting even two in optimal situations. The treatment not only focuses on wrinkles but also looks at things like flattened cheeks and sagging skin and takes care of those issues, as well, for a more complete treatment.

The Procedure

Injections are made into the cheeks of natural materials that are absorbed by the skin and provide for a better youthful and healthier overall look. This helps the skin become healthier by providing it with more of the nutrients and building blocks it needs to fight wrinkles, fill out, and provide an overall healthier and simply better looking aesthetic appearance. Since this procedure focuses on boosting up the body, especially the face, the effects can last for a considerable amount of time. There’s no question that this treatment works well for many patients. Call Skin Med Spa today for a free consultation.


Why Culver City Is One Of The Most Interesting Towns In California

Culver City is one of California’s more interesting towns. Because it is very close to L.A., celebrities are often spotted in the area. There are even film studios based in the area. However, Culver isn’t an overly large town. The population is slightly over 30,000. These things make Culver City one of the more fascinating towns in the area. It is a wonderful mix of big city living and the perks of suburbia. If you stop in this area, you’ll have all kinds of great restaurants to choose from. Residents love the Mexican food at Tito’s Tacos, and they also appreciate the sandwiches at Sorrento Italian Market. Our address at 400 Corporate Pointe Suite, Culver City, CA 90230 is open by appointment only please call.

Hidden Gems in Culver City, Ca

  1. Sony Pictures Studios
  2. Museum Of Jurassic Technology
  3. Culver City Park
  4. Thinkspace
  5. Wende Museum
  6. Jackson Market
  7. Kirk Douglas Theatre
  8. Culver City Stairs
  9. Tosh.0 Studio
  10. Fox Hills Park