Voluma Brentwood

Due to the increasing focus on aesthetic appeal in the 21st century, it is rare that you will find individuals who are not intrigued by the idea of increasing their personal attractiveness. Whether this is via clothing, hair and nails, or an overhaul of their body; the idea of attaining the ultimate level of beauty is an appealing one. This article will discuss the beauty procedure known as dermal filling and how it can be utilized for beauty benefits.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers refer to a form of treatment whereby specific substances are injected into individual’s skin in order to reduce scaring, wrinkling, and/or remove fine lines. The most common form of the dermal filler ingredient is human fat removed from the person’s own body; thus, being a very natural and organic treatment. However, there are other ingredients available that can be used and which are quite popular in themselves. A popular option used in many treatment facilities includes collagen and all-natural hyaluronic acid.

What Is The Process For Voluma Treatment?

As is mentioned above, Voluma is used to reduce wrinkles in different areas around the face; as well as increase volume along areas that may have begun to sag, such as the cheeks and forehead. Voluma dermal filler is a form of treatment as part of the Juvederm collection offering FDA-approved treatments using hyaluronic acid, which are inserted into the specific area using sterilized syringes. Of course, the type of ingredient chosen is based on different individual factors. Call a professional at Skin Med Spa beforehand for a consultation. We utilize a topical skin anesthetic during the treatment to help decrease potential bruising. If treatment is being completed on the lips, a numbing gel will be injected at least one hour before the appointment.

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits include all the advantages of cosmetic surgery, including a reduction in wrinkles and scars. Of course, to maintain the effects it is necessary to have continued treatments at least four times per year dependent on your reaction to the filler.

A Few Things To Do While In Brentwood

If you have ever been to Los Angeles, then it’s very likely you paid a visit to the Brentwood neighborhood. If you haven’t been yet, then you should definitely put it on your itinerary. Brentwood is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Los Angeles and for good reasons. Brentwood was originally a Mexican land grant ranch. It was purchased by a local family and then development began in the late 19th century. Brentwood focuses heavily on beautiful scenery and less on crowded buildings. It has a very low population density compared to other neighborhoods, but plenty of scenery and places to visit.

Best Places To Visit.

  1. Getty Center
  2. Hunt Residence
  3. Farm Shop
  4. Skirball Cultural Center
  5. Tavern
  6. Caffe Luxxe – Brentwood Country Mart
  7. Nesbitt House
  8. George Sturges House
  9. West Restaurant & Lounge
  10. Barrington Recreation Center


The Nesbitt House is a favorite among visitors. It was built back in 1942 for a prominent radio star known as John Nesbitt. The house itself later went on to win awards for its architectural prowess. The home has been recently renovated as well as restored. It is worth stopping by while in the neighborhood. The Getty Center should be the next stop on your list. This botanical center is open to the public and features a cable pulled hover train. Here you can view a beautiful garden as well as photographs, sculptures, and paintings.