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Volbella Lip Augmentation

Volbella is an injectable lip filler, composed of hyaluronic acid. This injection will improve your lip contour, smoothens your creases, help with overall volume and help you achieve the desired symmetry in your lips. Volbella injections are recommended for a  smoother and more consistent  feel natural.

What is Volbella?

Volbella is a lip filler that makes it possible for you to achieve the perfect feeling and look for your lips, and other facial structures. This non-surgical injection filler will provide you with a silk smooth feeling on your skin, leaving no trace of injections. Volbella makes your lips plump, and a natural full look is achieved and your lips will look very kissable.

Volbella injections can last up to one year, and during this period it will maintain the natural look it had the day after your injection. This is a very long time span for an injectable filler, and the Lidocaine included in Volbella injections makes it painless for the patient.

Lip Augmentation Los Angeles

Benefits of using Volbella

Using Volbella will make you look younger and more relaxed, without having you to go through painful procedures. The quick and easy injections will help you achieve the look you want and correct any symmetrical differences in your facial features.

Volbella works so close to the natural processes of the body, the effect will diminish after one year, and a re-injection will fix the problem. This is a very good long-term solution, as going to the physician once a year is accessible for most people.

Volbella Treatment

Volbella can also be used as a continuous treatment, to help you remove the lines and wrinkles of age on your face. Any lines and creases around the mouth and eye area can be improved using Volbella injections, and it will leave you looking younger without the pain associated with surgical procedures.

Visiting a physician will give you a lot more information regarding the injections, and together with the professional physician you can determine which facial features require injections. The physician will also let you know what to do and not to do after treatment. It is recommended that you do not use make-up until after 12 hours after the procedure. Steam rooms, saunas and sun exposure should be avoided for the first two weeks after the surgery to keep the moisture of the gel.

Where to buy Volbella?

Volbella is the newest addition to the Juvederm family of facial fillers and dermal injections. SkinMed Spa offers Volbella Lip Augmentation at the best price. Searching for Volbella Close To Me or Near Me? We Serve Los Angeles, LA, Pacific Palisades, Manhattan Beach, West Hollywood, North Hollywood, Santa Monica, Brentwood, Culver City, Marina Del Rey, Westwood, Beverly Hills, Long Beach and more.

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Volbella Injections Los Angeles

How Does Volbella Work

Volbella is incorporated with Lidocaine, and this combination of compounds will make it a very efficient cross-linked hyaluronic acid. The low and high molecular weight of the combined technology will allow for lower concentrations of hyaluronic acid to be used. The increased duration of Volbella is thanks to the Vycross technology. This super-smooth gel will help you get a natural look and feel.

Volbella injections are a quick and painless procedure, and it can be finished in under thirty minutes. The procedure is normally painless, but numbing gel can also be applied on the face to easy any discomforts during the procedure.

As time passes, skin ages and fine lines start to appear in the face. This leads to a tired look, and using the Volbella injections you can get rid of any lines located in your lips or face. Volbella easily flows during the injection, resulting in a pleasing natural and soft look. Read More about Volbella Lip Augmentation and Enhancement.

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