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Venice, California

Venice Beach California

Beautiful, Venice Beach, California, is the place to be for anyone interested in a true high quality of life. A large part of the population is health conscious, making Venice a place where beautiful, fit and tone people congregate. Nevertheless, the town has an overall friendly vibe, full of down-to-earth residents.

The Good Life Is Here In Venice Beach

Venice Zip Lining

Venice Beach is “SOCAL” at its best. The central focus of town is the Boardwalk along the ocean. Here, we can find sun worshippers catching a few rays, shoppers peeking into various retail establishments and diners having chili dogs. It is impossible for us to forget the weightlifters along the portion of Venice known as Muscle Beach, where a few movies have been set. Likewise, we find the outdoor basketball courts intriguing examples of the eclectic side of Venice.

Basketball at venice beach

Folks from all walks of life stop by to join or watch the pickup games. Many professional and college basketball stars have had their beginnings right in Venice Beach. Venice Beach enjoys nearly perfect weather. We have approximately 264 days of sunshine each year and an average summer temperature of 70 degrees. This pleasant climate makes outdoor activities favorite pastimes. Rollerblading along the Boardwalk comes highly recommended as a source of exercise. If not so inclined, walking will do just fine.

Venice Beach Loves Skin Med Spa

Venice beach photo shoot skin med spa

Though totally unpretentious, we residents of Venice Beach do appreciate beauty, along with the other finer things of life. Fortunately, Skin Med Spa has specialists who provide Botox procedures to smooth, volumize, clear and tone skin. Good looking, wrinkle-free skin is a sign of an overall healthy body. We all want to look as young as possible and Botox is the best way to rejuvenate skin. This non-invasive, state-of-the-art procedure is performed by a board certified physician at Skin Med Spa. We take patient safety 100 percent seriously in Venice Beach. Only the top doctors can make it in Southern California.

Surfing Venice Beach

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Contact Skin Med Spa to set up an appointment to discuss these skin perfecting procedures in detail. Millions across the country are using Botox to look their best. Join the health revolution today.


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