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Santa Monica, California

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Santa Monica is home to some of California’s most iconic attractions and landmarks as well as Skin Med Spa’s affordable luxury services. After you schedule an appointment with our skilled medical spa professionals, explore the surrounding area for fine dining, relaxation and incredible coastal views.

Shopping In Santa Monica

Santa Monica Beach City

The Third Street Promenade is known as the epicenter of Santa Monica, located near Santa Monica Place and the Shore Hotel. The Third Street Promenade features a blend of new and historic shops and restaurants, making it a must-see destination while enjoying your time in the area.

Tourism In Santa Monica

Santa Monica Tourism

With over 10 million tourists visiting each year, Santa Monica is a thriving coastal community with a lot to offer. Shop the world’s most iconic brands in a fun and trendy high street retail environment.

Visitors interested in cultural tourism can enjoy such offerings as the Santa Monica Museum of Art and the Miles Playhouse, both of which combine unique architecture and exhibits to create a truly memorable experience.

Restaurants On Santa Monica Pier

Downtown Santa Monica offers even more attractions such as the Equinox, the Huntley Motel, Seasons 52 and the iconic Santa Monica Pier. Sample fine food from one of the many vendors near the beach and enjoy a stroll down the pier for beautiful Pacific Ocean views.

Third Street Promenade And Montana Avenue

Third Street Prom Santa Monica

These are two of the most popular premier cultural destinations, drawing visitors from around the world.

Montana Ave Santa Monica

From performances by world-class artists, musicians and other talented entertainers to art galleries and exhibitions, there is always something happening in this lively community.

Google Santa Monica

Google Santa Monica

In addition to Santa Monica’s many restaurants and shopping attractions, Santa Monica Beach is a thriving technology community that has risen to compete with Silicon Valley. Businesses in the area not only attract some of the world’s greatest technological minds but corporate offices for companies such as YouTube and Google as well.


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Popular Santa Monica Landmarks

  • Bergamot Station

  • The California Heritage Museum

  • Miles Playhouse

  • The Santa Monica Museum of Art

  • Montana Avenue

  • Third Street Promenade

  • Fourth Street

  • Shore Hotel

  • The Santa Monica Pier

The Beach

Many of Santa Monica’s most intriguing cultural offerings can be found while enjoying a walk along the beach or the pier. Talented street performers of all genres and skills gather on Montana Avenue and the Third Street Promenade to offer live performances throughout the year. You can also spend a day simply relaxing on the beach and enjoying Santa Monica’s balmy weather.

Outdoor enthusiasts will love the city’s many parks and coastal attractions, including its dog-friendly trails for pet owners. Whether you enjoy soaking up the sun or riding the waves, Santa Monica’s thriving surfing community creates a fun atmosphere for all beachgoers to enjoy.

Santa Monica Beach

SkinMed Spa

Medical spas aren’t your typical day spa or your typical medical facility. It offers cutting edge cosmetic procedures that can only be applied by the skills of a team of medical and cosmetic professionals. It also recognizes the importance of a soothing and peaceful atmosphere when receiving the best beauty treatment. This is the place to go if you want a specific treatment or procedure done.

Salon Republic Skin Med Spa

Recent studies have shown that 77 percent of all people deal with stress so badly that it can manifest itself into physical symptoms. These statistics are quite alarming and are proof that you need to consider taking your de-stressing techniques quite seriously.

One of the best ways to ensure that you relieve stress is to make a visit to a local spa on a regular basis. However, when it comes to visiting a spa, it is advisable that you consider going to a medical spa rather than a regular one if you want to fully enjoy the benefits of massage therapy.

There are several reasons why a Downtown Santa Monica med spa clinic is better than a traditional Santa Monica beauty spa.

While a regular spa might be staffed with professional cosmetic experts, massage therapists and other professionals, such spas are somewhat limited considering that med spa beauty bars are staffed with neurologists, dermatologists, gynecologists, plastic surgeons, physicians among other medical professionals.

Each of the procedures above is handled by medical professionals who are not only trained but also have hands-on experience in carrying out the procedures.

Med Spa Treatments

So as you can see by now, these two major advantages clearly demonstrate that medical spas are a better option when you are in need of health treatment and relaxation. This is good for your mental and physical health, whether you are a man or a woman, and makes it easier for you to relieve stress and to enjoy better chances of healing.

While you are enjoying one of the many luxurious treatments offered by Skin Med Spa’s highly trained professionals in Santa Monica, explore the area to see all that coastal California has to offer. From live shows on the Third Street Promenade to breathtaking views on the iconic Santa Monica Pier, this city is full of vibrant attractions, historic landmarks and excitement.