W H A T   I S   R O S A C E A   ?

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition in which blood vessels in the face become enlarged causing a flushed appearance on the cheeks, nose, forehead and/or chin. Symptoms of the condition range from mild to severe, and there is no cure. For rosacea sufferers, the condition is as much an emotional issue as it is a physical one.

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Identifying Rosacea Symptoms

Rosacea symptoms may be as mild as a slight pink flushing across the cheeks and nose, or they can be as severe as a deep red, painful inflammatory response covering the T-zone and cheeks of the face. Oily skin, large pores, red bumps and acne lesions are also associated with the condition, and in the most severe cases, scarring may occur.

Rosacea symptoms come and go. They may lay dormant for weeks to years before flaring up again. Unfortunately, rosacea is incurable. The good news is, however, the professionals at Skin Med Spa can help control your rosacea symptoms so you can  achieve a better quality of life.

Factors that may cause a Rosacea Flare-up

While researchers do not fully understand why rosacea occurs, they do know that a number of factors exist that may trigger a rosacea flare-up. Every patient is different, so what triggers a rosacea attack in one may not trigger an attack in someone else.

A list compiled by the National Rosacea Society reveals the following factors as the most common triggers for a rosacea flare-up.

  • Certain foods or drink
  • Skincare products
  • Medications
  • Weather conditions
  • Temperature changes
  • Medical conditions
  • Stress
  • Physical activity
  • Allergic reaction

Skin Med Spa Rosacea Treatment

When you come to Skin Med Spa for rosacea treatment, our proactive approach begins with making your goals our own. Our highly skilled skincare professionals work with you to achieve the clear, pain-free skin you’ve always wanted.

Conducting our rosacea treatment in a comfortable, soothing atmosphere, we strive to build a trusting, safe relationship with you as we help you find relief from rosacea. We believe that achieving this type of relationship is vital to the successful result of your treatment, and that is why we make every effort to ensure our facility is a warm and relaxing environment. From our expert staff to our pleasant and inviting surroundings, every aspect caters to you and the successful treatment of your rosacea symptoms.

Our Rosacea Treatment Includes:

Skincare Education

Our skincare professionals have a deep understanding of the skin and how skin care products work to achieve radiant, healthy-looking skin. We provide the right products and education to help your skin look and feel its best.

Advanced Technologies

Skin Med Spa has access to several advanced technologies designed to treat rosacea as well as many other skin conditions. Which one is best for your particular circumstances depends on several different factors including your skin’s condition, the severity of your rosacea symptoms and more. We will discuss your options with you and formulate a customized plan that best suits your individual needs.

If you suffer from rosacea, and it keeps you from enjoying life to its fullest, it is time to do something about it. Call Skin Med Spa today to begin a rosacea treatment journey that ends with the clear, radiant skin you’ve always wanted.