Restylane Venice



Restylane is an injectable gel that is intended for patients with mid to deep folds and wrinkles due to skin aging and environmental damage. The facial gel is produced through harvesting of hyaluronic acid from Streptococcus bacteria cultures under sterile lab procedures. Unlike other products, Restylane has no such catalyst and can be applied without allergy tests directly to patients.

Treatment Process

Restylane gel works as a filler to the deep facial layer area, injected under the outer skin layer and into dermal tissue. Once in place, the gel pulls in moisture with a sponge effect, which increases and sustains volume. Restylane under the eyes or Restylane lips are a common choice. That filler effect then removes wrinkles and folds in the outer skin layer above.

How Long Does Restylane Last?

The gel filler effect lasts approximately six months, at which time it is absorbed into the body and dissipates. A new Restylane treatment replaces the loss and repeats the effect. The Restylane before and after effects are noticeable over time.The active ingredient of Restylane, the hyaluronic acid, already exists under the skin when we are younger, creating a full youthful look. This component breaks down as the body ages, causing the dermal layers to lose fullness and dry out faster, causing wrinkling and folds.

About Restylane

The product is FDA-approved and has a noted record of performing far better on older patients than younger ones. Restylane is also in regular distribution, marketing and use in 65 other countries on a consistent basis annually, being applied in over 10 million patients worldwide.Restylane, recreates the fullness in facial skin layers that gives a patient a younger appearance.Restylane has been tested through the FDA process in five unique and different clinical examinations with over 2,400 patients before approval.

Visit Venice, CA

Home to Southern California lifestyle and one of the most famous beach areas of Los Angeles, has its share of sun and warmth. Between close proximity to Hollywood and Los Angeles City central, Santa Monica to the north and Marina Del Rey to the south, and picturesque beach homes and store fronts, Venice has long been a postcard destination as well as a magnet to music, youth, fashion, and food connoisseurs.The functional epicenter of this L.A. community has to be Venice Beach itself, world famous for everything from videos to films to skateboarders. Our address at 4640 Admiralty Way, Venice, Ca 90291 is open by appointment only please call.

There’s no question L.A. is a destination for its weather, but that same sunny weather takes a toll on ones skin in addition to stress and pollution. Skin Med Spa specializes in advanced, non-surgical beauty treatments and restoration processes, providing some of the best services available for aesthetic health. Patients from all corners of California and further have relied on Skin Med Spa, including celebrities and professionals in the media world who rely on their appearance for career success. Personal treatment plans are available for all clients and can be started by appointment.

Best 10 Attractions in Venice, CA

  1. Venice Canal Historic District
  2. Abbot Kinney Boulevard
  3. Venice Farmer’s Market
  4. 72 Market Street Oyster Bar and Grill
  5. Binocular’s Building
  6. Venice Beach Boardwalk
  7. Muscle Beach Gym
  8. Venice Miniature Railway
  9. Famous Golds Gym
  10. Venice Beach Freakshow