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For people who have never had a photofacial maybe curious to what a Photofacial exactly is? A Photofacial or photo rejuvenation is a very effective treatment to skin problems such as rosacea, photo damage, irregularity in skin pigmentation, freckling and facial flushing. In the treatment light passes gently through the skin and reaches the abnormal or damaged cells and destroys them, leaving only the healthy cells. The treatment takes about 20-30 minutes per session. The Photofacial treatment is usually performed in a series of 5-6 treatments. This treatment provides stunning long term results that give you clear and beautiful skin. The treatment reduces the size of pores while also improving growth of collagen that provides a youthful skin appearance. Skin Med Spa has the best photofacial discounts in Santa Monica.

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IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is another facial treatment that has gained much popularity and is considered a very effective treatment, whereas photofacial takes this effectiveness a bit further by providing a safer laser treatment. Basically the lamps used in IPL uses a wide range of wavelengths which also contains the ones that may be bad for the cells and in photofacial the lamps use a unique filter removing the harmful wavelengths and also removing the ultraviolet spectrum that can damage the skin.

This ultraviolet spectrum is also the reason why it is recommended to use sunscreen at the beach as the sunlight also contains this spectrum. This also takes much less time as compared to other laser treatments.

Is Photofacial Safe

The photofacial is the safest option amongst other laser treatments in market as it removes the harmful wavelengths. This treatment also is the most painless one amongst other.  For example avoiding intense sunlight that can damage skin etc. Skin Med Spa is the best Place for Photofacial Discounts we have the best staff, treatments and at a price that fits most budgets and if their are still too expensive we recommend Care Credit.

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