Latisse is the only Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved eyelash growth treatment, dispensed by medical professionals on a prescription basis. This cosmetic product helps patients enhance and grow their eyelashes to avoid using “paste on” artificial eyelash enhancers.

What Is Latisse?

Latisse works naturally using a substance, bimatoprost, originally developed as a solution for another ophthalmic problem. If this fact motivates you to believe that Latisse was a “mistake turned benefit” you’d be right.

Latisse is a safe solution that is available from your cosmetic physician in prescription form. Why? This format helps ensure that the solution and treatment program is correctly applied under a doctor’s supervision. Latisse received FDA approval for patient use in 2008. In some situations, hyperpigmentation can occur. Users sometimes notice that their skin (in certain areas) becomes a bit darker than other areas.  Fortunately, any changes in skin pigmentation are not permanent as any darker skin pigmentation will fade when you no longer use the product.

The Latisse solution includes a bimatoprost concentration of only 0.03 percent. This safe option has proven to enhance inadequate eyelashes, as bimatoprost, promotes eyelash growth. You no longer need to seek out a dermatologist to help you grow your eyelashes thicker and longer. Your cosmetic doctor can prescribe Latisse with confidence that you will see the benefits (replacing sparse eyelashes with fuller, thicker eyelashes) rather quickly and safely.

How Does Latisse Work?

To witness the dramatic change in the thickness in your eyelashes, visit Skin Med Spa For a Consultation. Latisse is a non-invasive treatment that helps grow your eyelashes into thicker, fuller, beautiful eyelashes naturally.

Your cosmetic medical professional will advise to apply Latisse daily to the tops of your eyelids to let the active ingredient, bimatoprost, to make your eyelashes grow and prosper. Since you’ll get in the habit of daily application, your eyelash hairs have time to get longer and thicker.

This safe and proven natural solution to counteract sparse eyelash hairs delivers the results you want, eliminating the necessity of applying synthetic lashes to augment your naturally-inadequate eyelashes. The Ophthalmologist that participated in the clinical study stated, “The lashes grow gradually over time with some people beginning to see longer lashes in about four weeks, with full growth at 16 weeks.” You

Put only one drop of Latisse on the applicator brush typically included in your application kit. Apply this drop of Latisse to the “base of the upper eyelid,” avoiding putting it in your eye or your “lower lash line.” If you slip and do so, you run the risk of having excess hair growth in places other than your eyelashes.

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Note: Do not reuse the one-time use applicator brush. Always use a fresh applicator brush to your other eyelid to reduce the risk of cross contamination. Also, try not to let the tip of the bottle or applicator brush to touch any close by items, or your fingers, as you may attract bacteria that can cause infections.

After you apply Latisse, use a tissue to blot any excess Latisse fluid. Excess Latisse fluid won’t harm you, but serves no purpose in accelerating or enhancing eyelash growth. The same is true for applying Latisse more than once a day. Extra applications will not grow your eyelash hair faster or increase the effectiveness of Latisse.

Latisse for Lash Enhancement Instructions

Every Latisse treatment kit includes instructions in detail explaining the “How To’s” of proper application of Latisse. Therefore, if you pay attention and read the instructions totally, you should achieve the important goal of applying the solution properly.

Most cosmetic doctors will advise you to remove your makeup thoroughly, clean your eyelids (particularly the upper portion), and remove contact lenses, if you wear them. You don’t need to take them out for long. You can replace your contacts after around 15 minutes after you apply Latisse.

Latisse Treatment

Since we have already mentioned the possible onset of hyper-pigmentation, it is appropriate to mention the most common side effect. You may experience an “itching sensation” in or around your eyes. You might even notice so eye redness. Around four percent of those participating in the original clinical trials experienced this side effect or other anomalies such as eye irritation, eye dryness or redness of your eyelids.

Latisse is not a quick fix for inadequate eyelashes. Users must practice patience. Latisse spurs growth of your eyelashes gradually. You should see some results in around four weeks and the finished product, your new luscious eyelashes, in approximately 16 weeks.

Skin Med Spa Latisse

Benefits of Using Latrisse

The benefits to you of using Latrisse are many, the risks few. If you follow the Latrisse instructions faithfully, the treatment period lasts 16 weeks. Among the benefits of using Latrisse are the following

  • Promotes growth and thickness in your eyelashes,Latisse is a proven non-invasive, cosmetic product to grow thicker, fuller lashes.
  • Safe to use for your skin, with few minor potential side effects,The Latisse solution is safe for use on your skin.
  • Prescription-only medication ensuring your doctor will participate in your treatment, and

    It’s important for effective use of Latisse for your cosmetic physician to be involved in your treatment.
  • Eyelash growth is gradual and natural, eventually eliminating the need to use synthetic eyelashes to enhance your beauty.After the treatment period, you no longer need to glue on synthetic eyelash enhancers.

Latisse Chart

Where to Buy Latisse?

Since Latisse is not available over-the-counter, visit top cosmetic professionals, such as Skin Med Spa, who are experienced in explaining both the safety and benefits of this prescription solution. Experienced cosmetic physicians can also show you how to properly apply Latisse daily.

Buy Latisse from reputable cosmetic professional sources only. Skin Med Spa, proudly serves the Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Venice, Marina Del Ray, Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach, Pacific Palisades, and West Hollywood communities, our medical and patient support staff will answer all of your questions regarding Latisse thoroughly and intelligently.

Get your Latisse prescription filled at your favorite pharmacy. Once you have your prescription in hand, you can always compare prices by visiting different pharmacological websites. Please note that Latisse will cure your hypotrichosis (lower than average eyelash length and/or thickness).

Who Sells Latisse?

You can consult with one of our skincare consultants here at Skin Med Spa. The doctors and researchers who participated in the clinical studies surrounding this product, endorse its use, safety, and effectiveness. While there are multiple over-the-counter products that claim to achieve similar results, none have scientifically proven to work like Latisse.

Latisse remains the only FDA-Approved prescription drug for growing thicker, fuller, longer eyelashes for most people. The Food and Drug Administration has deemed it safe for humans wanting to enhance their eyelashes naturally.

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Buy Latisse At Skin Med Spa

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Additional Common Questions

Q: Are there “special” doctors I should see who will prescribe Latisse?

A: Many doctors will prescribe Latisse, including dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and ophthalmologists, but you’ll be more confident discussing Latisse treatment with your cosmetic physician, who will understand the benefits of this treatment.

Q: Are there people who should not use Latisse?

A: People who are allergic to bimatoprost or other ingredients in Latisse or who have glaucoma or suffer eye pressure problems should only use this solution with close cosmetic physician care and attention.

Q: Can men also use Latisse to achieve lash enhancement?

A: Yes, both men and women can safely use Latisse. Men will enjoy the same results as women: Longer and thicker eyelashes.

Q: Are there any other products, over-the-counter or not, that deliver the same results as Latisse?

A: No, not at this time. Latisse is unique in the goal of gradual, natural growth of your eyelashes.

Q: Will Latisse also spur eyebrow growth?

A: Although Latisse is “technically” used only to grow eyelashes, some people enjoy success growing eyebrow hair, if it has become sparse as you age. Most physicians only recommend treatment for lash enhancement, but, as a safe solution, you can try Latisse on your eyebrows, if you also want them to be fuller and thicker.

Q:What should I do if I accidently get Latisse in my eye?

A: Since the primary ingredient, bimatoprost, in Latisse is a successful ophthalmic solution for treating the eyes for issues with increased IOP, it should do no harm to your eyes. You should not need to wash out your eyes after accidently getting Latisse into them. If you’d feel better asking your physician what you should do if this occurs, do so, just to be sure that no harm will come to you.

Q: Many women ask, “Can I use Latisse as a mascara replacement?”

A: Latisse will not work as a substitute for mascara. If you continue to use Latisse to grow thicker, longer eyelashes, you should continue to use (if you already use) mascara to achieve lash enhancement.

Q: How can I maintain longer eyelashes after I complete my 16-week Latisse treatment?

A: Ask your physician if you can continue to use Latisse after the treatment period? He/she may endorse your continued use or recommend that you cease using the product. However, after you stop using Latisse, most patients witness a return to their former eyelash volume in future months.

Where to Buy Latisse?

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