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Skin Resurfacing is a treatment designed to reduce Facial Wrinkles and irregularities in the skin. Laser Skin Resurfacing directs concentrated, short beams of pulsating light at the desired area. This process safely removes irregular skin by the layer. If you have wrinkles around your forehead, eyes or mouth or have fine lines or scarring from acne you may be the perfect candidate for Laser Skin Resurfacing.

Pixel laser resurfacing is the perfect non-ablative solution for restoring sun damage, scaring, acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles. At Skin Med Spa we have the most revolutionary technology from Alma Lasers to make you look younger and healthier. It can even give you flawless skin that you once had by actively rejuvenating your skin and reducing the size of your pores.

Pixel Perfect laser treatments utilize the principle of microthermal treatment zones. This highly targeted method affects only the desired small area, leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected to aid in the continued production of collagen and other supportive tissue. Patients report a tingling sensation after treatment, and in some cases, small amounts of swelling may appear. This method is considered to be much less harsh than other laser treatment methods that are available.

What is Laser Skin Resurfacing?

The newest technology in non ablative laser treatment. The Benefits of this Alma Laser include:

  • No puncture or redness in the skin
  • Virtually painless
  • Speed

There are many anti aging method available, but this method is much more effective than over the counter anti-aging serums and creams. This treatment works deep in the under lying tissues to moderate proactive skin resurfacing.

It can also reduce acne scaring, fight fine lines and wrinkles and also uneven skin tone issues. A non-ablative technique is used to treat the outer lying epidermis which allows allows skin remodeling with a protective layer of epidermis.

Skin rejuvenation through Laser Treatment can really be a game changer in the fight against aging as it reduces or completely erases the different skin imperfections from fine lines, wrinkles and uneven or rough skin texture. There is also the problem of acne, having to deal with it in the first place was bad enough but now you are left with scars and pockmarks.

How Does Skin Resurfacing Work?

This treatment can be applied to treat numerous problems, A laser based therapy that can treat and clear fine lines easily. The laser light has the ability to trigger natural reactions through micro wounds which are made by passing the lasers through a special lens which only allows a very small portion to pass penetrate the skin and this can decrease fine lines and wrinkles.

The real merit of this treatment is that your downtime is reduced considerably, to a few days. Also you can avoid the daily hassle and discomfort associated with using creams and ointments. It also improves the texture and tone of your skin.

The pixel perfect can help you even with this. After a pixel perfect treatment, acne scars will be as real as a bad dream and you will be astonished at how good your skin looks.

These treatments are like a real life fountain of youth, which until recently was monopolised by the rich and famous. But now it is quite easy to look young and energetic.

Pixel Perfection I

Developed by Alma Lasers, this treatment is a customer and celebrity favourite. It is commonly used to turn the clock back on your skin. It is one of the most preferred and effective treatments which will leave you energized, invigorated and glowing with radiance. The laser skin rejuvenation and resurfacing technology it uses is cutting edge and is one of our most popular ones.

It consistently produces dramatic results which not only address the issue of fine lines and wrinkles but also give your skin the texture and tone of past years. It also has the added factor of stimulating and accentuating collagen growth.

Again this is a completely non ablative process which is not at all invasive in any manner. There is also a new treatment using the Q-Switch laser available which is widely used for the treatment of pigmentation and also for decreasing acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines. It works by creating thousand of depth controlled microscopic perforations in the skin this allows for rapid healing and facilitates production of new collagen.

The laser heats up the tissue deep underneath the skin allowing it to heal and tighten while leaving the outer skin intact. This would leave the skin smooth as glass and looking young and robust. But it is advised that you try a series of treatments for the best results and also you should discuss what you really want for your skin with your our Aesthetic Nurses as what your aesthetic goals and your skin condition.

This is one of the treatments that our elite celebrity clientele prefers. This is quite suitable for clients Our esteemed clientele includes famous celebrities. Once you see what the full effect of your skin after the treatment, you will be amazed of the results just like these celebrities and many others. We will have your skin shinning and radiant as if you were in your younger years.

Pixel Perfection II

The Pixel Perfection 2 is a new treatment that replaces damaged skin by stimulating the growth and formation of new cells. This new treatment is different from the the first Pixel  in many. The Pixel Perfection 2 has the ability to cover more area of skin this is due to the unique tip which allows it to go over the skin smoothly, hence covering more area.

As the iPixel covers more area in one go than the pixel it is far more effective and efficient, also the treatment time is reduced considerably as compared to that of the pixel. It also enhances the iPixel’s ability to deliver great results for skin resurfacing and scar revision.

Aside of the above mentioned unique tip, the Pixel delivers a deep and thermal heating to that area. This in turn would facilitate a more structured healing. This method is similar to our first Pixel, it delivers a controlled and focussed stream of energy into the skin which heats and ablates it.

On doing this the skin surrounding the treated area helps in accelerating its healing process. This will result in the skin becoming fresh, smooth and radiant. This would help you get back the youthful glow and robust texture of your skin, at same time maintaining a completely natural look and feel.

Due to the versatility of this treatment it can be your one stop for fixing all your skin related problems. This treatment tightens the skin while at the same time improving both the texture and tone of it, you will feel that the time it takes to do this is a small price to pay as the result would astonish you.

Skin Med Spa provides a wide range of highly recommended and effective Skin Rejuvenation Treatment solutions for problems like sun damage, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles etc.

Pixel Resurfacing

Anyone who happens to be interested in making their faces appear youthful again may be very intrigued by the Pixel laser treatment. option. The Pixel laser is a fractionated Erbium ablative laser; it works to resurface the skin, as well as assisting in the reduction of visible fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing out the appearance of acne scars, improving texture, and enhancing the overall appearance of the skin. The laser can also help reverse other damage to the skin, such as large pores and age spots that have appeared over time.

Skin Resurfacing Downtime

It has been shown that lasers have been more effective in treating skin issues than have topical creams, as the lasers actually combat the fine lines and wrinkles that exist within the underlying tissues rather than only treating the problem on a surface level. The Pixel treatment laser works its magic by making micro-perforations in the skin that penetrate all the way down to the level of the dermis. These micro-perforations leave most of the skin in the treated areas unaffected, which makes for a short healing time and better stimulation of the collagen for a boosted effectiveness of treatment. If a patient goes in for multiple treatments, they will have a cumulative effect. The skin will continue to improve with each of the sessions, and the treatments will build on one another. Most patients get between three and six treatments, with four to six treatments in between each of them. Maintenance treatments can then be schedule every six months to a year. After a Pixel skin treatment, the Pixel treatment recovery time is generally about five to seven days, in contrast to the fully ablative lasers that were once used that would leave patients with red skin for a month. The most frequently treated areas with are the neck, hands, chest, and face. Patients often initially have the treatment done on their faces, and they are so impressed by the results that they decide to have the procedure done on other parts of the body as well.

Who Is Eligible For Pixel Treatment

The Pixel laser treatment works effectively on all colors of skin, although the settings of the laser must be modified to with different types of skin. For anyone who wants to restore the youthful look of their skin and reverse damage that has been done, this procedure is a great choice. Pixel laser treatment for acne scars is also an option for those who do not necessarily have aged skin but do have scarring that they would like to minimize or erase. However, people should avoid having the procedure done when they have applied self-tanners or had a great deal of sun exposure within the past four weeks.

If you are interested in the Pixel face treatment or having Pixel treatments anywhere else on your body, you can look into Pixel laser treatment reviews and Pixel treatment before and after photos. The Pixel laser treatment before and after photos will show you just how effective this procedure can be and has been on multiple people.

Best Attractions in Downtown Santa Monica

Skin Med Spa is located in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California. Santa Monica is a beach front city in western Los Angeles. The city which is named after the Christian saint Monica is situated on the Santa Monica bay, bordered by Los Angeles with Pacific palisades in the north.

It is a famed resort town. Due to this very reason it has a number of attractions and tourist hotspots. Such as:

  • Third Street Promenade
  • Santa Monica Pier
  • Ocean Avenue
  • Montana Avenue
  • Santa Monica Farmers Market
  • Museum of Flying
  • Annenberg Community Beach House
  • Santa Monica Looff Hippodrome
  • Shotgun House
  • Santa Monica Beach

The city’s has three main shopping districts. It has Montana Avenue in the north, Downtown in the core of the city and Main Street on the south end. Once you enter these streets all kinds of smells and sights fill your senses. The three blocks which constitute the Third street Promenade, a major outdoor shopping district are always buzzing with throngs of people and here all the hustle and bustle of the street can be seen.

Santa Monica also hosts the Santa Monica Film festival, where all kinds of films from different parts of the world are screened at numerous multiplexes at the Santa Monica Promenade.

The geography of city is quite interesting as it rests on a mostly flat slope that angles down towards the ocean avenue and to the south. The city has a three mile coast line fronting the Santa Monica Bay and the climate of the city is categorised as subtropical Mediterranean Climate.

All of these factors influence the community, the culture and the temperament of the city. This means that the city loves to look good and this is reflected in its citizens. This is the reason Skin Med Spa is one of the most loved and reputed skin and cosmetic related business in the city. The people of Santa Monica trusts Skin Med Spa and this trust is repaid with faithful, efficient and effective service.

As mentioned above the city plays host to the Santa Monica Film Festival and due to this same reason the spa gets many celebrity clients who come to this festival. As the city is a favoured tourist spot Skin Med Spa gets to deliver its brand of skincare and treatments to people from all over the world. Skin Med Spa is the best med spa for laser skin resurfacing. Be sure to view our about us page where you can read up on our Doctor and visit our top med spa blogs and learn more about laser rejuvenation. We will surely help you out with any of your questions. Skin Med Spa, is the Best Med Spa in Santa Monica.

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