Laser Hair Removal


Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal is a hot topic as nearly everyone has hair on one or more parts of their body that they would like removed. Laser hair removal offers many benefits for anyone who desires to remove unwanted hair from legs, underarms, the face, or other areas where annoying hair grows. If quick and long term hair removal sounds like it would make your life easier and more beautiful, reach out to Skin Med Spa near Pacific Palisades to discuss your options. This hair removal option can benefit anyone with unwanted hair on nearly any body part.

How it Works

The science behind laser hair treatment is quite interesting. A laser light is applied to the area of unwanted hair and penetrates into the hairs’ follicles where it gets destroyed. Laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures and for good reason. One reason, it is quite precise. The laser can be focused on the area where hair removal is desired. Another benefit of laser hair removal is the fact that it is quick and often times reported permanent with enough treatment. Smaller areas can take onlya few minutes while larger areas will reach up to 30 minutes. In typically six to seven treatments, hair is permanently removed in most cases.

Essential Attractions In Pacific Palisades, California

Pacific Palisades is part of the Westside of LA, located in the coastal area. Although it is a residential area due to the terrain, the population is only around twenty-seven thousand. This makes it a relatively quiet area of LA, but there is still plenty to see and do here. Our address at 865 Via De La PazPacific Palisades, CA 90272 is open by appointment only please call.

  • Getty Villa
  • Palisades Shopping District
  • Temescal Canyon
  • Bel-Air Bay Club
  • Reviera Country Club
  • Los Liones Trailhead – Coyotes
  • Will Rogers State Beach
  • Northern Trust Open
  • Pacific Palisades Beach
  • Sunset Bellagio

One of the top attractions in Pacific Palisades is the Temescal Canyon. This location is great for those who want plenty of fresh air, great views of the surrounding areas, and enjoy hiking trails. The main trail here only takes about thirty minutes to complete. The Getty Villa is a wonderful place to visit, and gives a clear indication of the art which J Paul Getty loved when he was alive. It can take a few hours to view the whole property. Admission is free, although there is a small charge for parking. Another place to enjoy walking around is the Will Rogers State Park. He left his estate to the state of California when he passed away, and now it is open to the public.

For those who wish to have a relaxing day, then they need go no further than the beach in Pacific Palisades. The water is warm, and it offers some great opportunities for those who enjoy surfing.