Laser Hair Removal


Laser Hair Removal Manhattan Beach

There are a lot of women, and men, who are looking at ways they can get rid of the unwanted hair they have on their bodies. Getting rid of body hair is not only something that is time consuming, but it can also be painful if you are not careful. Today, there are much better options available, including removing your hair with a special laser that you can have done by a trusted nurse at Skin Med Spa. Instead of dealing with hot wax, sharp razors, depilatories and painful electrolysis, you can enjoy long lasting, incredible hair removal from just about any part of your body.

How Does It Work?

Lasers work to emit a targeted wavelength of light that will be attracted to a certain color. Energy is emitted by the lasers and then absorbed by the different hair follicles. The follicle gets heated and is damaged, which prevents future growth or hair production by any treated follicle. Because hair grows in three cycles, including active growth, regression and resting, the hairs that are in the active phase will be those that are damaged during the time of treatment. This is why it may be necessary to have several treatments done to get all of the hair follicles that may be in the other stages of growth.

Finding the right skincare professional like Skin Med Spa to give you your laser hair removal treatments will be key to your success. Overall, you will see that these involved hair removal treatments can be a wonderful way to help you rid your body of any unwanted hair.

Enjoy Manhattan Beach During Any Season

When you visit a city, do you really get to know the city that you choose? That’s what it’s all about! Sometimes there are museums that can give you a look into the local culture, and there are certainly great attractions, restaurants and fun things to do. If you are going to vacation in Manhattan Beach, you absolutely must visit the downtown area. It is the “heart of the city,” as they say. Not only will you find great shopping and other attractions, but this is where you’ll want to grab a bite to eat.

Manhattan Village, med spas, an aquarium, the Manhattan Beach Pier and more await you. Your family is in for a vacation that is not available just anywhere. Manhattan Beach is a unique vacation destination that is sure to be a great time for all.

Take the Pacific Coast Highway, and pick a great lodging spot in Manhattan Beach for an enjoyable vacation experience. Our address at 1590 Rosecrans Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 is open by appointment only please call. If you like to get some exercise while enjoying your time off, then you need to pick adventures like surfing, walking the beach or visiting Sand Dune Park. You can also enjoy some time at the Yoga Loft. Now, who wouldn’t like to experience yoga right on the oceanfront?

Top Attractions in Manhattan Beach, CA

  1. The Local Yolk
  2. Manhattan Beach Pier
  3. Fishing with Dynamite
  4. The Strand
  5. Roundhouse Aquarium
  6. Sand Dune Park
  7. Polliwog Park
  8. Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden
  9. Veterans Parkway
  10. El Porto Beach