Laser Hair Removal


Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal services can offer the best return on investment for the individual constantly fighting with tweezing, waxing and stringing away unwanted hair. Our clinic located in sunny Venice, CA is staffed with licensed nurses and medical professionals fully trained in laser skin care and are available to discuss your individual needs and suitability for a laser procedure.  The benefits from laser hair removal are numerous, including saving money in the long run on constant and time consuming alternate hair removal treatments.

Bikini Line, Moustache and Chest Hair Become a Memory

With laser hair removal, in just a few visits, stubborn and thick hair that requires constant attention becomes nothing more than a memory. For a very reasonable cost, you will see fewer and fewer hairs grow with each treatment, finally resulting in a nearly hair free area. No more razors, painful waxing or time consuming tweezing will be needed.

Soft and Smooth Legs and Arms

Almost every area of the body can be treated with laser hair removal, including arms, underarms and legs. Never think twice about pulling on shorts, skirts or a bathing suit.  Every day you will enjoy that after-spa appearance.  It is almost like having your skin resurfaced, as hair follicles cease to grow new hair, your skin becomes smoother and more consistent in appearance.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Enjoy a reduction in dark spots and increased brightness with a laser skin resurfacing treatment. Just a short amount of time at the office produces visible results.  Throw those expensive and ineffective anti-aging creams away.

Laser Hair Removal in Comfort

Many patrons report a much lower level of discomfort during treatment compared to other permanent hair removal procedures.  There is a pinch when the laser is used, versus the painful ripping sensation from waxing or tweezing.

See the Difference

If you are curious about the real results from laser hair removal services, visit our Laser: Before and After page and see for yourself.  When you become a patron, we’ll document hair coverage on your body prior to treatment to verify the improvement over time.

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Our address at 4640 Admiralty Way, Venice, Ca 90291 is open by appointment only please call. Next to sprawling Los Angeles, Venice Beach offers every visitor the chance to enjoy the Pacific Ocean while indulging in history, cuisine, and amusements.  After your procedure stop by the iconic Ocean Front Walk, a pedestrian only 2 1/2 mile pathway known for its circus-like atmosphere.  Go skating, play some beach volleyball, sink your toes in the sand or chat with a variety of sidewalk artists and vendors. When Venice was built at the turn of the 20th century, canals were dug through the surrounding marshes and homes were built along the waterway, creating a neighborhood reminiscent of the Italian seaside city. Walk out the Fishing Pier to enjoy the ocean breeze while nibbling on fresh seafood available from the famous 72 Market Street Oyster Bar and Grill. On Fridays, grab some local produce at the Farmers Market located on Venice Boulevard.