Kybella West Hollywood



A “double chain” can be demoralizing and impact one’s self-confidence. It is one of those characteristics a person will want to eliminate as soon as possible.

What are the options that are present? Most won’t be efficient and are going to take months to complete. Instead of dealing with this, KYBELLA® is presented as a high-grade solution to remove chin fat in a safe and efficient manner.

Here is more on the process and what it involves.

What Does Kybella Treat

What are its uses? KYBELLA® is utilized for the purpose of submental fat removal. This is fat sitting under the chin. It is applied through an injection into the area. The solution then begins to work on the fat in this region and removes it.

Benefits Of Double Chin Removal

Let’s move onto the benefits as this is important. What is the value of this procedure? It is used as a treatment to get rid of unwanted fat. It creates a positive aesthetic change a person can appreciate for a long time to come. It is also FDA-approved and works like a charm without damaging a person’s body.

This has been used for thousands of patients around the world and continues to drive in great results.

The speed at which this treatment can be completed also makes it advantageous for those who want immediate results. It does not take long for it to produce the look our clients want.

Submental Fat Procedures

The procedure at Skin Med Spa is simple. It involves the use of an injection once your submental fat has been assessed. If everything has been cleared by our Skin Med Spa professional, the treatment will be carried out using a simple injection into the target site. This will help initiate the process as required.

KYBELLA® is one of the fastest and easiest solutions in the world and produces fantastic results for those wanting to eliminate this fat immediately. Contact Skin Med Spa now at (310) 899-9000 for more information.

Visiting West Hollywood, CA Soon?

West Hollywood, also known as WeHo, is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Los Angeles. This small city has a population of around 36,000 as per the most recent Census. With semi-airy dry weather throughout the year, West Hollywood is home to some of the best attractions in California. There are famous streets such as Robertson Boulevards, Sunset Street, and a vibrant nightlife community in the town. The Sunset Strip houses popular entertainment venues such as the Comedy Store, Saddle Ranch Chop House, and the House of Blues.

Robertson Boulevard consists of high-end fashion boutiques in the area. In fact, the Schindler House, located on Kings Road, is considered the first to be built in modern style. The yearly Halloween Costume Carnival attracts thousands of participants from around the world. The Abbey is considered one of the most popular restaurants/bars in West Hollywood.

The Pacific Design Center is a top attraction in West Hollywood. It is a 1.2-million square foot complex with seven indoor and outdoor event locations. It can accommodate up to 3,000 guests at any given time.

Top Attractions In West Hollywood, California

  • Hard Rock Cafe
  • Hollywood Sign
  • Runyon Canyon
  • Melrose Avenue
  • Beverly Center
  • Laugh Factory
  • Sierra Towers
  • Sunset Strip
  • Chateau Marmont
  • Sunset Plaza