Kybella Marina Del Rey


Top 10 Hot Spots In Marina Del Rey, CA

Given the city’s biggest landmarks, people travel to Marina Del Rey year round to enjoy the amazing weather and the nationally-known Marina. With the addition of expert advancements in cosmetic procedures, the seaside community has been able to attract a new type of tourist. The Skin Med Spa in Marina del Rey has played a crucial role in bringing out of towners in with the new revolution in chin fat removal, Kybella.

While they’re here, people take advantage of the amazing view and peaceful oceanfront atmosphere. Marina del Rey offers travelers the well-known California beauty trends while holding true to the spa-like heart of its oceanfront epicenter.

Less than 20 miles away from Los Angeles, the people of Marina del Rey are no stranger to cosmetic procedures like double chin removal. Cutting edge cosmetic procedures are a must-have for the California native, and with the FDA’s approval of Kybella, the Marina del Rey community can move forward progressively in their journey to an ageless, youthful look. Our address at 4640 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 is open by appointment only please call.

Marina Del Rey Beach

  1. Burton W. Chase Park
  2. Fisherman’s Village
  3. Marina Del Rey Boat Tours
  4. Ballona Wetlands Creek
  5. California Yacht Club
  6. UCLA Marina Aquatic Center
  7. Lloyd Taber Marina Del Rey Library
  8. Marina Del Rey High School
  9. Marina Express Way