Kybella Brentwood



The Kybella treatment has been causing quite a buzz in the health and beauty industry for some time. In fact, Kybella is considered the only FDA-approved injectable drug that is extensively used to treat submental fat that causes a double chin in an individual. The procedure helps destroy the fat cells in the area so that fat will not reaccumulate in the area.

Hence, if you find your double chin to be a cosmetic issue that interferes with your appearance, the Kybella treatment is for you. Below provides information on the benefits, uses, and procedures of the Kybella treatment.

Kybella Treatment

Kybella is considered a minimally invasive treatment option to get rid of the infamous double chin. This will help define your jawline or submental area more accurately. It is an FDA-approved injectable product which is actually a purified form of deoxycholic acid. When injected in the right dosing in the right location, it will cause the fat cells in the area to melt.

Kybella Has Low Downtime

The patient would require 2-4 sessions for optimal results, depending on the amount of fat in the area. The procedure is associated with amazing results and quite a low downtime.

Most patients can go to work the next day. The fat cells are destroyed for good. Hence, the procedure is considered a long lasting treatment method of getting rid of your double chin. Reach out to Skin Med Spa today to check out our Kybella pricing for partial and full treatment procedures.

Double Chin Treatment Benefits

The benefits of the procedure include it being minimally invasive, no downtime, better appearance, no surgery, youthful looks, no general anesthesia, FDA-approved, and rare or minimal side effects.

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