IPL Photofacial Manhattan Beach



Contrary to popular belief, the curse of a marked complexion does not end with one’s pubescent years. Yes, it’s true the majority of us face our teenage years fighting acne and pimples; however, scars and marks are still evident for many adults as they age. In fact, some adults experience facial scarring as a result of severe acne as a child. Fortunately, it is possible to remove or at least reduce the appearance of these red marks, brown spots, scars and wrinkles using photo rejuvenation technology.

Read on to learn some information regarding this type of photofacial treatment.

IPL Photofacial

Photofacial or photo rejuvenation treatment is a form of dermabrasion using intense pulsed light technology. The intense pulsed light (IPL) technology is able to remove discoloration, hair, and redness by emitting a range of light waves across the dermis. Unlike resurfacing procedures or chemical peels, the IPL photofacial treatment heats up the naturally produced collagen in the skin to enhance the amount being produced.

This encourages the filling of lines, wrinkles, and discolorations instead of having to remove a layer of the skin. Of course, an additional chemical peel in addition to the IPL procedure would be the most beneficial option, especially for severe scarring.

Photofacial Treatment

As a treatment, it is important to consider various risks when deciding on the procedure. As beneficial as the IPL photofacial can be to remove offending marks; there are possibilities that complications can occur, such as an allergic reaction to the anesthesia used before the IPL technology is utilized.

Allergic reactions can result in permanent scarring and a negation of the reason for the use of IPL treatment. Many people have absolutely no problem with IPL treatment. Skin Med Spa will be able to determine in your consultation if you are a good candidate.


Our Top Pick Of Manhattan Beach Attractions

Manahattan Beach Pier – Small, quaint and very well maintained, the Manhattan Beach Pier gives you a chance to relax, catch your breath, and even enjoy a game of volleyball. Certainly Manhattan Beach has much to offer each and every visitor. Our address at 1590 Rosecrans Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 is open by appointment only please call. Little Sister! – An Asian food attraction that your taste buds will be very thankful for! It’s the kind of restaurant that you expect to be good, but you’ve no idea just how amazing the food is really going to be! The Strand – Whether you fancy going on foot, taking a cycle or going for a jog, the expensive houses, luxury residences and glamorous homes are well worth a good old gawk!

  1. The Local Yolk
  2. Manhattan Beach Pier
  3. Fishing with Dynamite
  4. The Strand
  5. Roundhouse Aquarium
  6. Sand Dune Park
  7. Polliwog Park
  8. Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden
  9. Veterans Parkway
  10. El Porto Beach

Manhattan Beach steals the hearts of visitors each and every year, and for good reason! is a beautiful coastline, an atmosphere buzzing with excitement and a host of attractions to visit, it is little wonder that visitors return year after year to this magical destination. Speaking of attractions, what are some of the top must-see places or must-do activities during a visit to Manhattan Beach? Here come a few of our top picks! The only real problem with spending a vacation here, is that you’ll never have time to visit all the attractions on your wish list!