W H A T   I S   H A N D   R E J U V E N A T I O N   ?

Did you know that, for many of us, your hands are the first parts of your body to display the sometimes dramatic, telltale signs of aging? While most people assume that your face will be the first to show evidence as you age, but it is often your hands that start showing that you’re getting older, even before your facial wrinkles appear.

Similar to your face, your hands’ soft tissue gradually lessens as you age. This often results in more prominent hand veins, tendons, ligaments, and bones. Since your hand skin loosens and becomes wrinkled, just like your facial skin as you age, you may want to rejuvenate your hand texture and tighten your skin.

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Rejuvenation Treatments

An experienced cosmetic physician knows the hand foundation and architecture to allow him/her to design an effective, safe rejuvenation program for your hands. Often top cosmetic physicians create a combination plan, which includes skin peels, filler injections, and/or so-called fat transfers to smooth out hand wrinkles, tighten hand skin, and enhance your hands to offer a more youthful look.

For example, a fat transfer to the back of your hands, smoothes and tightens your skin while removing a veiny, wrinkled appearance. Top medical professionals, such as those at Skin Med Spa, can remove the dramatic signs of aging from your hands.

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Hand Rejuvenation Los Angeles

As you age, your hands may develop loss of skin tone faster than your face. Often, the most cosmetic problem is that the veins on the back of your hands become more prominent, displaying the deletion in the volume and tone of your skin. Don’t be shy, show off your rejuvenated hands in Beverly Hills.

Rejuvenating your hands requires an experienced cosmetic medical professional to design a combination program that attacks your hand aging on multiple fronts (skin peels, filler injections, and fat transfers). Like your face and neck, your hands are exposed to the sun more than any other parts of your body; the aging process accelerates your wrinkles when your hands are exposed to the infrared rays of the sun. Rejuvenate your hands with your face and neck.

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