Dysport has been very effective in the treatment of reducing furrow and fine lines. Available to you at Skin Med Spa, this innovative treatment is FDA approved since April 2009. For more than twenty years Dysport has been used throughout Europe and is currently used in 57 different countries around the world.

What is Dysport?

The cells of your facial muscles need relaxation to reduce the visibility of lines. This treatment relaxes the facial muscles. It brings a distinctive change to your face by lifting the brows and softening your jawlines. The results of this treatment are comparable to putting a wrinkled shirt in the dryer for 10-20 minutes, it leaves your face looking fresh and feeling more youthful than ever before. After treatment, the overlying skin remains smooth and unwrinkled.

Fast and Effective:

There are many factors that influence the appearance of wrinkles. Whether your facial wrinkles have been caused by aging, sun damage, or lack of hydration, this is your solution. Effective in ironing out those “rhytides” on your face, there is virtually no waiting time with Dysport. Patients witness a remarkable improvement in just one 10-20 minute treatment within 2-3 days or less. The before and after results will represent a brilliantly youthful, healthier you.

How Long Does Dysport Treatment Last?

Normally Dysport lasts up to four months, some patients have reported the effects still remain prominent up to six months. In clinical studies, doctors have seen at least two grades of improvement in frown lines of patients. Injections should only be given by a trained medical professional.

Even patients 60 years young have positively reported the amazing results of using this treatment. It comes highly recommended regarding affordability and noted a visual difference in making their skin look 20 years younger. This treatment is recommended by women and men alike.

Dysport before and after

Dysport Treatment Near Me

It is injected with a tiny needle around your expression lines, targeting the wrinkles that have become more prominent with age or through sun damage. Injections are non-surgical, so there is no recovery time required. You can return to your routine or activities immediately following the treatment. Positively modifying those facial wrinkles has never been easier than with injections.

To recapture your youthful look, call or contact us at Skin Med Spa today. Our professional staff  will provide invaluable information and guidance regarding this innovative and effective treatment.