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Brazilian Honey Waxing Service Center – Santa Monica, CA

Brazilian Honey Waxing at Skin Med Spa is the perfect way to look and feel confident all year long. Skin Med Spa is the best place to get a Brazilian Honey Wax due to our premier level of service and highly qualified and licensed staff. Our superior personal grooming servies attract some of the most fashionable clientele and elite women from all over Santa Monica and Los Angeles.

Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian Waxing at Skin Med Spa in Santa Monica is the top Med Spa to achieve smooth, clean-looking skin for the longest period of time. It’s not just popular during summertime—many modern women seek this treatment as regular maintenance all year round. By getting a Brazilian wax it allows you to feel confident in a bikini or bathing suit, yet also makes you feel sexy rain or shine. It’s like having a secret that makes you feel alluring and beautiful whether you’re in your undergarments or a full-length gown.

While the practice of hair removal in the pubic area actually originated in ancient Egypt and Greece, this style of waxing gained popularity in the United States during the mid-eighties. As fashionable bathing suits revealed more skin during this era, increasingly more women began hair removal in the bikini region. The trend continued to build and Brazilian waxing is now one of the most popular grooming services offered.

Full Bikini Wax – $60 Basic Bikini Wax – $40 Brazilian Bikini Wax – $55

Our Waxing Treatment Process

During a Brazilian Honee Waxing Treatment, all of the hair in the pubic area is removed, from front to back and everything in between. You can customize your hair removal treatment by leaving a small “V” or a thin strip, what is called a “landing strip,” at the top—or go completely bare. Just let our esthetician know your preference in advance.

There are many benefits to Brazilian Waxing. For starters, it’s fast, safe and convenient. Your appointment will be quick, and since you are not doing it yourself, you don’t need to worry about missing an area or accidentally injuring yourself. Celebrities and high-level executives come from all over the LA and Beverly Hills area to have our trusted, Licensed Esthetician, Kristina Donatoni, performing Body Waxing, Facials, Dermaplaning, Micro-needling, Chemical Peels and other services in our clean, relaxing environment.

Honey Waxing

With a Honey Waxing Treatment, hair is pulled from the root, and therefore takes a longer period of time to grow back. Unlike shaving, there are no blades involved, which means no risk of nicking yourself and causing scarring in this delicate area. Shaving also causes major irritation to the area, such as ingrown hairs, razor bumps and unsightly stubble. There is much less chance of any of this occurring with waxing.

One of our clients’ favorite benefits of waxing is that, over time, the hairs become more sparse. The texture changes as well—some of the coarsest hair becomes finer and softer with continued Visits. Waxing also removes the top layer of the skin, taking with it the dead skin cells to reveal a fresher, smoother look.

Follow in the footsteps of our celebrity clientele and book your appointment today and have silky smooth as soon as possible. We provide excellent service with great results and have the best prices on Brazilian Honee Waxing in Santa Monica. Best Wax prices start at $20.

Full Leg Wax – $65 Full Face Wax – $40 Full Stomach Wax – $30
Half Leg Wax Lower – $35 Nose Wax – $15 Nipples Wax – $30
Half Leg Wax Upper – $35 Sideburns Wax – $20 Lower Back Wax – $20
Full Arm Wax – $25 Eyebrow Wax – $30 Full Back – $50
Half Arm Wax – $25 Lip Only Wax – $20 Full Butt Wax – $30
Underarm Wax – $20 Chin Wax – $20 Armpit Bikini Full Arm Full Leg – $170

Bikini Waxing

Brazilian Bikini Waxing is the perfect way to look and feel fresh all year round. There’s no need to wait for bikini season or a vacation to roll around—from celebrities and socialites to housewives and business leaders, women everywhere seek Bikini Waxes as a regular maintenance treatment.

Call Skin Med Spa, for the No.1 Brazilian and Bikini Wax in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. We offer premier personal grooming services in a comfortable, clean environment. Our expert, licensed estheticians have decades of experience providing discreet, meticulous Bikini Waxing services. One visit to our Med Spa in Santa Monica and you’ll know you’re getting the best treatments from the most renowned professionals in all of Los Angeles.

Bikini Wax Near Me

A standard bikini wax is perfect for women looking to simply clean up the outsides of their underwear lines. Whether you want the standard bikini wax or a little extra taken off here or there, our highly trained staff will make your experience relaxing and comfortable. If you have a particular pair of undergarments that you would like your waxing tailored to, you can wear it during your treatment.

Professional waxing provides many benefits and is much safer and more effective than at-home hair removal. The results from waxing services can last a significant amount of time, since the roots and not just the surface of the hair is removed. Since the root lies below the surface, many clients experience little to no significant re-growth for two to three weeks.

When your hair does grow back after waxing, it is finer in both texture and appearance—and it continues to get more refined with continued treatments. When you shave, it only takes a day or two to see stubble and hair does not get finer over continued practice. Regular waxing definitely results in less hair over time.

How To Properly Prepare For Your Appointment

There are a few pre and post-appointment steps you can take to prepare properly for your waxing experience at Skin Med Spa. Don’t shave beforehand. While it may seem you are making it easier for your esthetician by shaving first, your hair needs to be a minimum of a quarter of an inch in length for the wax to adhere properly and remove everything you want.

It’s also good to gently exfoliate before you treatment. You may also want to avoid tanning or wearing tight clothes for 24 hours after your appointment to avoid minor irritation or redness.

Skin Med Spa is the best place to get a bikini wax because of our experience, the high-quality products we use and the incredible level of service we provide. We also offer the best price on bikini waxing in Santa Monica.

Follow in the footsteps of our celebrity clientele and book your appointment today. (310) 899-9000, For a Brazilian or Bikini Honee Wax Visit Skin Med Spa inside Salon Republic on 2nd Street. Studio 46 is our Honee Waxing Headquarters. For a Med Spa Near Me in Santa Monica, Venice, Brentwood, Westwood, Beverly Hills, LA, Pacific Palisades, Marina Del Rey, Manhattan Beach, Culver City and West Hollywood, North Hollywood, Los Angeles, Long Beach

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