AFT Photofacial


AFT Photofacial

AFT is known as a laser light treatment used to get rid of all sorts of  Teenage acne as well as Adult Acne, acne scars & pimples, sun spots, birthmarks, noticeable veins, broken capillaries, freckling, and flushing? AFT is safer, stronger, much more efficient treatment for fewer visits, practically no risk, and optimized outcomes.

Patients who elect to have AFT photo facials performed generally have irregular pigments and superficial vascular irregularities. The laser used in the procedures employs a pulsed light technology known as Advanced Fluorescence Technology, or AFT. An additional light filter allows the beams to penetrate more deeply and safely into the skin than other methods. Within lesions with high pigment, the laser targets the melanin while surrounding cells are able to regenerate new skin cells.

What is AFT?

Besides suffering from zits, the worst thing to handle is the marks they leave behind. A pimple may go away in a few days, but the marks seem to stay forever! For those of you plagued by both marks, acne together with AFT Photofacial is the greatest treatment for you.

AFT Photofacial Treatment

The AFT Laser is effective and safe to even skin tone, minimize fine lines and minimize blemishes. The AFT Photofacial could noticeably decrease the look red blemishes, acne scarring, pigmentation, sunspots, and age spots with minimal downtime. Most popular treatment areas are the face, hands, chest and neck.

Next Generation in Photofacial

With AFT, the next-generation in photofacial technology, the skin conditions are deprived of nutrition. AFT targets red and brown pigment in your skin. Like its predecessor the IPL, the laser treatment delivers a number of intense pulsed lights (IPL). AFT was created to seek out only brown or red discoloration, the surrounding areas are not any longer affected. This singular advance increases both the power and the depth of penetration with markedly improved results. Your skin will look healthier and you certainly will feel better faster than ever before. So for the greatest treatment plan for both acne and marks removal, get our AFT Photofacials today!

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City of Santa Monica

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10 Santa Monica, Ca Attractions and Landmarks

  1. Rapp Saloon
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  3. Looff Hippodrome
  4. Santa Monica Pier
  5. Hollister Court
  6. Georgian Hotel
  7. Charmont Apartments
  8. Georgian Hotel
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  10. Merle Norman House

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