AFT Photofacial Westwood


AFT Photofacial

In order to get to the heart of what AFT photofacials are, we must first get to the meaning of AFT. It stands for Advanced Fluorescent Technology and is the successor of the IPL or Intense Pulsed Light. In other words, AFT is really nothing more than laser technology that is used to treat the face. But what exactly does it treat?

It treats two things: skin discoloration and large pores. If you are suffering from excessive freckles, you will definitely benefit from it. The difference between AFT and IPL is that the former is made to target only red and brown skin pigments, leaving the rest of your skin unharmed.

What Are AFT Photofacials?

If you’ve ever had laser treatment for skin discoloration before, then you already know about the risk of damage to the other areas of your skin. But with AFT, you have nothing to worry about because, like we said, it is a smart type of light that targets only red and brown pigments.

AFT Areas Of  Treatment

The good thing about AFT photofacials is that you are not limited to your face. If there are other areas of your body that need tender loving care, you can have them treated too. Skin Med Spa offers quick and informative consultations where we can test to see what the best option is for your unique body.

Top Attractions In And Near Westwood, California

California is a great state and often known for Hollywood and all that it has in the way of attractions. However, when people are in Westwood, California, they will find that it is going to be a great place to travel to, but only if they know the attractions that are present in the city. By knowing about these attractions people can finally go to the city and know what they will want to see.

  • UCLA
  • The Getty Center
  • Wilshire Corridor
  • Annenberg Space of Photography
  • Regency Village Theatre
  • Holmby Park
  • Westwood Village
  • Geffen Playhouse

California Science Center is a location that is going to be filled with science facts and information that people of all ages can enjoy. While this is not located directly in Westwood it is located close enough that it is easy to reach. So people will be able to get to the location and enjoy a full day of learning.

  • Fowler Museum
  • Hammer Museum

Los Angeles County Museum Of Art is a destination that art lovers will want to flock to. Before you think this is a regular art museum, know that this location has art from the modern world to the older art. Great place to go and visit in Westwood. Our address at 10940 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, Ca, 90024 is open by appointment only please call.

Hollywood Wax Museum is a location and is a destination that a lot of people are going to want to go to. At this museum people will find they are going to have a chance to get to see the different historical figures that are famous Hollywood actors, but also people that are important to the growth of the region and movies that have spurred the imagination worldwide. If you have more time on your hands you also may want to check out these two museums below.