AFT Photofacial Culver City


AFT Photofacials

You only get one chance to take care of your skin, but what treatments work the best? The last thing you want is to try something that only makes the problem worse. This is where AFT photofacials will save you a lot of time, money, and headaches.

What Are AFT Photofacials?

First of all, it’s regarded as a cosmetic procedure and it makes use of AFT pulsed light. The part of the skin that is targeted will absorb the energy from the light without causing any damage to healthy skin. You’ll also be glad to know that there aren’t side effects such as swelling and redness after a session.

Take for example red and brown spots on the skin. The AFT photofacial will effectively cause the melanin inside the spots to fragment, and eventually eliminate them completely.

What Can Photofacials Be Used For?

The most popular reason for using AFT photofacials is to fight the signs of aging. It literally helps your skin to look younger and healthier. But there are other benefits involved as well, for example:

– Reducing and eliminating sun damage

– Removing age spots

– Reduces the effects of broken capillaries

The Procedure

Before the treatment can begin, the area is cleaned and a cooling gel is applied. The duration of the treatment will depend on all the areas that need to be covered. Once the treatment is done the gel is removed and the area is thoroughly cleaned. In some cases a finishing cream is applied and you’ll be sent on your way to continue your daily routine.

Even though the treatment isn’t regarded as painful, some individuals might find it a little uncomfortable. However, for the most part individuals handle the pain without any problems. If you have very sensitive skin topical anesthetics can be applied.

The Best Culver City, California, Facts And Attractions

Culver City in California is named after Harry Culver, its founder. This city is where a lot of the movie industry has been since the early nineteen-twenties. One of the biggest names here is the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios. Sony Pictures Entertainment also has its headquarters situated here. Of course, it is not all about the movies in Culver City, there are plenty of other things to see.

  • Sony Pictures Studios
  • Museum Of Jurassic Technology
  • Jackson Market
  • Kirk Douglas Theatre
  • Culver City Stairs
  • Fox Hills Park

During May there is the famous Art-walk, which takes in all of the major art galleries in the area. However, these are open all year around, and so they can be visited and enjoyed at any time. Our address at 400 Corporate Pointe Suite, Culver City, CA 90230 is open by appointment only please call.

Culver West Alexander Park covers a total of three acres. There are picnic areas, trails to walk, and plenty of things for the kids to do.

  • Culver City Park
  • Thinkspace
  • Wende Museum
  • Tosh.0 Studio

The Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook offers a great vantage point to take panoramic photos of the area. It is only just over 500 feet high, so is not difficult to climb. The Kirk Douglas theatre is named after the famous actor, and has been open since 1947. It was recently renovated, and is a great place to watch a live production. Culver City offers much more, and is a great place to visit.