When you take the time to indulge in anti-aging treatments at our medical skin spa, you can expect younger, better looking skin. Yet to truly fight the signs of aging requires a two-pronged approach that includes skin care and maintaining a healthy diet. The food you eat plays a big role in your skin’s appearance. While the right foods can complement your skin care regimen, the wrong foods can negatively impact your efforts.

Read on for some dietary tips that will enhance the results of your skin care routine and anti-aging treatments from our medical skin spa.

1. Hydrate Properly

One of the most important things you can do for your skin is to drink plenty of water every day. Green and white tea are also excellent options as they hydrate while providing an array of potent antioxidants. Antioxidants play an essential role in anti-aging as they reduce inflammation and fight free radical damage. Make sure to drink extra water on days that you exercise.

2. Increase Vegetable Consumption

Veggies are essential to an anti-aging diet due to their antioxidant content. While produce in general contains many important nutrients, vegetables make a better choice than fruit. Fruit has a higher sugar content, which inhibits some anti-aging products and contributes to inflammation and breakouts.

3. Avoid Refined Sugars

Sugar wreaks serious havoc on our skin and can make us appear older. Sugary drinks and foods can cause hormonal shifts and insulin spikes, which leads to inflammation. This inflammation increases glycation and leads to a breakdown in collagen and elastin, the protein fibers responsible for skin’s plumpness, firmness and elasticity. The result is sagging skin and an increase in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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4. Reduce Intake of Yeast and Simple Carbs

Simple carbs convert to refined sugars in your body, leading to damaging insulin spikes and glycation. Many simple carbs, such as bread and baked goods, are made with Candida, a yeast that causes glycation and can lead to dryness, acne and rashes.

5. Choose Organic Foods

When you eat organic produce, poultry and beef, you avoid the hormones, steroids, pesticides and other toxic substances non-organic foods may contain. These substances can cause bad reactions and nullify some of the good nutrients that food contains. Choose organic to make the most of a healthy diet.

6. Decrease Alcohol Consumption

Alcoholic drinks dehydrate your skin and cause inflammation, which can result in breakouts and spider veins. Sugary cocktails add an even worse element since they cause the insulin spikes we mention above. Avoid alcohol as much as possible, and if you do indulge, practice moderation. Choose a libation with the least amount of sugar and have a glass of water in between each drink to combat dehydration.

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7. Cut Down or Eliminate Dairy Products

Dairy has been shown to cause acne and exacerbate the signs of aging for many. This is due to the growth hormones found in cows’ milk, which cause inflammation and acne. Dairy also promotes excess oil production in the skin, which translates to clogged pores and more acne. If you can’t cut dairy altogether, then opt for organic products only.

8. Consume Healthy Fats

While you should avoid trans fats and saturated fats, healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acids, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats keep skin healthy and hydrated. According to the National Institute of Health, a deficit of healthy fats can lead to dry skin. Some excellent choices include fatty fish, seafood, nuts, seeds, avocados and extra virgin olive oil.

If you follow these dietary tips and make regular visits to our medical skin spa, you’ll experience younger looking skin and a youthful, radiant glow.


Dr. Ryan Stanton is a fully credentialed board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon focusing on cosmetic plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, California. He has been featured in national and international media, including: TLC’s “Plastic Wives”, The Doctors Show, Discovery Channel, Montel Williams, Women’s Entertainment Network, CBS, Fox, & KTLA News, Fitness, In, Star and Gala Magazines.