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Our Company offers a wide range of services to aid your skin to look young and flawless. As we age the volume in our faces reduces and as in most cases, resort to surgery. At Skin Med Spa we use non surgical treatments. Restylane is an injectable hyaluronic acid gel capable of treating the emerging wrinkles on the face and will also fill the volume lost in the cheek.

What is Restylane?

Restylane is a natural product used to reduce facial lines and folds. Approved by the FDA  this dermal filler is made from stable hyaluronic acid also known as (NASHA). It is made from bacteria from that is produced by all living organisms. This filler comes as an injectable gel and is used to enhance fullness and volume to the skin. The results can be almost instant and last for about six months.

Restylane – FDA Approved

Restylane was one of the first hyaluronic acid filler to be FDA approved for use in smoothing moderate to severe facial wrinkles and nasolabial folds. It is made of a gel substance most commonly used for lip enhancement, reducing wrinkles and aging lines of the face. The areas that Restylane typically alleviate include nose lines, mouth lines, sad mouth corners, “crow’s feet” and forehead wrinkles. Restylane helps to fill lost volume in the cheek and also provides a form of lift to the cheek. It is the first and only drug capable of doing this to be approved by the FDA. It also is capable of changing the appearance of the cheeks and also smoothens smile lines (nasolabial folds). With the right treatment plan at Skin Med Spa, you are guaranteed to get accurate results.

The right treatment can make a real difference and the right use of Restylane can help you achieve that natural-looking, youthful appearance that you have always wished for. Our Filler is applied through non-surgical injections and at Skin Med Spa, we make sure your facial skin does not sag and eliminate wrinkles and volume loss.

Best Place For Restylane

You have probably been in search of the best Med Spa with the best prices that specialize in medical aesthetics in or around Santa Monica, Venice, Los Angeles or Beverly Hills. Just a block away from 3rd Street Promenade Skin Med Spa Santa Monica Office Location is where all your skin treatment needs will be met with utmost professionalism and care. Skin Med Spa is a trusted and well-recognized medical aesthetics company and offers a range of  the best non-surgical services with the latest in beauty technology treatments and solutions.

Best Treatment For Fine Lines

With Restylane, you are guaranteed over 95% improvement in your facial appearance within two (2) months of treatment. Worthy of note is that there are over 25 million treatments globally. Also it is 100% effective in the smoothening of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as filling up spaces created by volume loss. Other products in the Restylane family also help in the enhancement of lips to achieve more accentuated and fuller lips. Facial features will also be enhanced and the results are usually long-lasting.

Restylane is designed to act like the body’s natural acid hence the ease with which it adds volume and fullness to the skin, correct fine lines, restore contours on the face, make severe wrinkles moderate and add definition.

Restylane is very effective in doing the following;

  • Improves how smile and lipstick lines look
  • Making unwanted fine lines look smooth
  • Enhancement of the lips
  • Helps restoration of jawline and chin contours
  • Help eliminate the crow’s feet look around the eyes.

To get this treatment, your best choice is Skin Med Spa. Check in with a doctor now.

Restylane Santa Monica