Facial Treatments For Men


Men’s Facial Treatments

At Skin Med Spa we have a line of specially designed treatments exclusively for Men seeking the anti-aging and rejuvenating power of a Med Spa experience. Our dedicated team of Licensed Aesthetic Nurses includes specialist in male grooming and skincare and we invite you to come to our facilities and try for yourself a relaxing and invigorating experience of a real facial treatment.

Benefits of a Facial Treatment for Men

Some men may not think that skincare should be a part of their personal care routine or you may think that it is possible to get quality results with home treatments. But a facial at Skin Med Spa is so much more than just a treatment. Our staff are experts in their fields and will give you a VIP experience from the moment you step in until you are completely satisfied. Your treatment will not only leave you feeling more relaxed than ever but can also help to solve a whole range of issues including:

  • Acne
  • Pigmentation
  • Redness
  • Blotches
  • Clogged or discolored pores


Gone are the days when men could get away with drab skin and poorly groomed beards. These days there’s no excuse not to look your best and that means bright, clear skin. You will leave your facial rejuvenated and looking better than ever while our staff will be with you every step of the way, tailoring your experience to your needs and to your face.

Male Facials For Every Face

Unlike some salons Skin Med Spa has a wide variety of treatments and services available for our male clients seeking a facial. We offer everything from chemical peels or dermaplaning for those in need of serious exfoliation, to gentler scrubs and skin oils for those looking to add a shine to their skin. We can even work with you to identify specific problem areas and find a treatment or routine that will help you overcome them and give your face the deep, inner lustre of naturally healthy, clean skin.

We make use of the latest technology in our Medical Spa using custom designed treatment techniques to give you the best possible results. Now’s the time for men to stand up and turn the science of skincare to their advantage. Healthy, glowing skin is your passport to looking your very best and facing the day with confidence. Call us today to schedule your appointment.