Double Chin


Double Chin

Both men and women can feel self-conscious about a double chin, which is a roll of fleshy flat below a person’s chin, but we tell all of our potential patients that they don’t have to worry at all. Using a double chin injection which can come in various forms, we can help any man or woman look younger and gain an improved profile on their faces. We take pride in providing you with the quickest and most pain-free method to get rid of your double chin to help you feel more confident.

What Causes A Double Chin?

Just because a person has a double chin does not mean that the person is overweight or fat. In fact, attempting to lose weight through diet or exercise may not necessarily help get rid of a double chin. There is no law or consensus that states that if a person loses weight, they’ll lose their double chin or if thy gain weight, they’ll develop a double chin.

Causes Of Double Chin

Double chins can be caused by factors like genetics and age. With regards to genetics, if other members of a person’s family, such as parents or grandparents, have double chins, then chances are that this person will also develop one. Even if a person’s double chin was caused by genetic factors, he or she does not have to worry because there are non-invasive procedures that will help get rid of the double chin. Age can also play a factor. As men and women age, their skin becomes looser and so do their muscles. This can lead to the development of a double-chin. If a person develops a double-chin as a result of aging, he or she may also benefit from treatments that are designed for the skin, such as dermal fillers.

How Do Double Chin Injections Work?

Double chins, which are more technically known as “submental fullness,” are basically a layer of fat beneath the chin that can leave many people feeling discontent with their appearances. In fact, 7 out of 10 people are frustrated about their double chins. A highly effective and noninvasive method for getting rid of double chins are through Kybella, a deoxycholic acid that gets rid of unwanted and obviously excessive fat. To achieve the best results with Kybella, patients are typically asked to receive weekly treatments for a period of 2 months.

We highly suggest double chin injections to help restore your naturally looking chin. As mentioned, treatments are non-invasive and don’t take long at all!